You can now do a paternity test from the comfort of your own home

It will always be an awkward situation; having doubts about the parentage of your child. For your own sanity and the benefit of your child however, it is a good idea to get clear answers. This can be done by doing a paternity test. However, regular paternity test take up a lot of time and energy and can be quite daunting. Nowadays thankfully there are dna home test kits. These can be done from the comfort of your own home. A home paternity test is a lot less daunting and time consuming than a regular paternity test.

How does a home paternity test work?

You can buy a home paternity test online and it will be delivered to your house. Now, all you need to do is take the required samples in the way that is instructed on the test, and send the test to a laboratory to be analysed. Usually, a test like this will require a cheek swab, which is simple to perform. The results will be posted to your online account within 1-2 business days, after the lab has received all necessary samples. An at home paternity test costs only 199 dollars, which is a lot less than a test in a lab will cost you. And all of that without ever having to leave your house!

Does a DNA home test hold up in court?

If you’re planning on taking your parentage to court, the at home test is not for you. The results form a home paternity test are not considered valid by a court when it comes to child support, custody or Social Security, because the DNA samples are collected by participants themselves. There is no way to check this, and the regular protocols that laboratories follow are not followed in this process. That doesn’t mean that the results are any less accurate. Just bear in mind that an at home paternity test is great for your own peace of mind, but not for any legal decisions.

What about unusual samples?

Every at home test kit comes with a special swab to collect DNA by cheek swab. This is cost efficient, as a lab’s robot are developed to extract DNA from these swabs. It is however also possible to provide a different sample, like a toothbrush or fingernail clippings. It is advisable to contact the organization that provides your test directly about this, as there might be extra costs involved.