Here’s a Tip to Avoid Buying Counterfeit Drugs

“I don’t know for sure whether I ever got and consumed fake drugs. Frankly almost never thought about questioning the authenticity, because most, I bought drugs at the pharmacy and usually worked.”

However, he once bought his favorite headache medicine, with packaging that the ink didn’t buy as usual.

“I used to buy headaches for my favorite brands made locally, in roadside stores. And if one of the ways to identify them through packaging, it’s possible to suspect their authenticity because the color of the ink on the outer packaging is not the same as what I usually buy,” said one of the women who usually buy medicine.

It is very difficult indeed to distinguish fake drugs and original ones only from their physical appearance.

“The shape, color, and packaging of counterfeit drugs are very similar to the original drugs. And whether the drugs are fake or not can only be proven by laboratory tests,” said a pharmacist. It is recommended to avoid taking fake drugs, you should buy prescription drugs only at the pharmacy. Offline and online. Such as the Canada Drugs Direct.

Fortunately, there is an International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) that has been operating with the aim of eradicating the circulation of drugs, traditional medicines, food supplements and illegal cosmetics including fake circulated through internet media.

As an initial step, people must be able to recognize the types of drugs on the market. “Check the labeling of the drug, whether it includes a green, blue, or red dot that has a lump in the middle.”

  • The red dot with the letter K in the middle means that it is a hard drug. So, you must use a doctor’s prescription because the dose must be monitored both by doctors, side effects must be monitored and only sold at pharmacies.
  • Blue dot means a limited free drug, which is only sold in limited quantities. The dosage is as recommended (information can usually be seen on the packaging), side effects must be considered, and if the pain persists, call a doctor. This type of drug is sold in licensed pharmacies/drug stores.
  • As for drugs with a green dot, meaning over-the-counter drugs, which are sold freely, at the recommended dosage (see information on packaging), side effects are relatively small but if the illness continues, contact a doctor and sell them at licensed pharmacies/drug stores.

Then, how are the characteristics of the drug illegal/fake?

Usually the drug does not have a circulation permit number, or NIE does not match those registered with the Health Agency. Then, the form/color/taste/texture of the drug and packaging are not, as usual, do not include the name and address of the manufacturer. Although the drug is fake or not only can be known after the lab test.

However, there are a number of simple tips that people can use to avoid taking fake drugs.

  1. Redeem prescription drugs only at the pharmacy.
  2. Tell the doctor if there is no progress after taking the prescribed medication.
  3. Buying drugs in licensed health care facilities (free drugs / free drugs are limited to pharmacies and licensed drug stores; hard drugs at pharmacies).
  4. Pay attention to the packaging, whether it is still sealed properly or not, the cleanliness of the packaging, the drug label (including the name of the drug, registration number, manufacturer’s name, and expiration date).
  5. We need to be aware if there is a high difference in drug prices.
  6. Immediately destroy expired drugs, damaged drugs or drugs that are not used by destroying drugs and damaging the packaging so that it is not used by those who are not responsible.