Global Energy Crisis: Causes, Challenges, and Prospective Solutions

There tends to be a crisis anywhere in the world and any aspect whenever the demand for a thing overwhelms its supply. This is the case of the present global energy crisis which according to Collected.Reviews is a contingent situation that suggests energy demand cannot meet up with energy supply.

Human wants are insatiable yet the resources in satisfying these unlimited wants are limited. We all demand energy every day, find a cheap energy network due to our needs and reliance on it to grow, to keep fit, to stay alive, and to keep warm.

Energy is needed in our homes, offices, public, and private spaces. Energy is the engine room and hub of the technological world. Due to the varying uses of energy, global demand has been on the increase and the world’s limited natural resources have been exploited and depleted, thereby leading to the present global energy crisis.

Causes Of The Global Energy Crisis

Several factors impede sustainable energy use and one of them is overconsumption. Humans consume much more than they naturally would and this leads to landfills and other forms of pollution affecting the global energy crisis. Overconsuming is not helped by forces like consumerism and other unsustainable business models.

Another factor affecting the global energy crisis is overpopulation. The world’s population is put at 7.8 billion people. These are billions of people competing for the same land, same materials, same resources, and what more same means of satisfying their wants through various energy demands. As demands increase and compete, energy resources become scarce.

Poor infrastructure is also another cause of energy scarcity. A well-planned transportation system or efficient city planning will reduce energy consumption. However, since the many infrastructures are poorly conceived alongside overpopulation, there has been an increase in energy use and China is only proof of this.

Challenges Of The Global Energy Crisis

Challenges that confront the global energy crisis follow the route of scarcity. This may be seen in competition. Scarcity makes people compete with demands and businesses with unsavory models aimed at achieving market leadership. Competition fosters rivalry and lack of cooperation.

Aside from competition, there is insecurity. When energy is inefficient and scarce, it tends to breed insecurity among humans. This may be economic insecurity, social insecurity, or national insecurity. The global energy crisis has brought about a state of energy threat and energy uncertainty which has spiraled into several vices eating into the world.

Solutions To The Global Energy Crisis

Easily, the most comprehensive solution to this crisis is sustainability which is defined as the act or intention of avoiding energy waste or depletion of natural resources to achieve eco-sufficiency. Sustainability can be achieved in a myriad of ways and some of them include:

  1. Moving towards the use of renewable resources
  2. Planning and simulating energy use
  3. Performing energy audit and accountability
  4. Advocatingclimate change and global warming
  5. Consuming energy-efficient products


The present global energy crisis is weighed down by several factors, among which is overpopulation alongside overconsumption. Unless sustainability is achieved, the crisis will lead to competition and insecurity of lives and properties.