All about motorcycle parts

Motorcycle owners will always have to deal with it; replacing or repairing parts on their motorcycle. There are a number of different parts that you could use for this such as OEM parts or aftermarket parts. But what exactly are these? And what are the differences? The answer to these questions can be found in this blog.

OEM motorcycle parts

What exactly are OEM motorcycle parts? Well, these are the parts made by the authorized distributor of your motorcycle brand. OEM therefore stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’. These parts are very popular because they are exactly the same as the parts that are already in your motorcycle. When you buy an OEM part, you get a part with exactly the same specifications as the original part. In general, these OEM parts are a bit pricier, but this is in proportion to the high quality of the parts. In addition, you often get an extra warranty with OEM to ensure that you are provided with the best service. The trust towards a brand is often the reason that people choose OEM parts.

Aftermarket parts

In addition to OEM parts, aftermarket parts also exist. Aftermarket parts are parts that are made by other companies and that means that they are not made by the original manufacturer of your motorcycle. These parts are generally cheaper than the OEM parts, but they are not always the best parts for your specific motorcycle. When you need to replace an important part like the brakes or the battery it is best to go for an OEM part because you know it will fit your bike well. In other cases, you could also go for aftermarket motorcycle parts. So you can use these aftermarket parts for example when you want to change something about the look of your motorcycle. The advantage of aftermarket parts is that they are made in large quantities and therefore they are easily available.

So OEM parts or aftermarket parts?

So which is best to choose, OEM parts or aftermarket parts? It actually depends mostly on what element of your motorcycle that you want to replace. If it’s about internal parts that are very important for the bike to function then you might want to look for OEM parts, but if it’s about the outside look of the bike then you can also choose aftermarket parts. So think carefully about what you need and base your decision on that.