3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Prepare Your Will and Last Statement

Nobody plans the day he will die. If left to man to decide, he might choose to live forever, especially when he has all he needs to live a comfortable life. However, death is inevitable as everyone must die someday.

This is why it is important to be prepared when death eventually comes knocking. Usually when a man is deceased, especially a prominent man who is wealthy and has a long list of properties and investments he has left behind, sharing these properties end up in a lot of family feud.

In some part of the world, the extended family tries to take everything away from the deceased’s wife and children while leaving them with nothing to live on or, and all of these could turn into a huge fracas when not carefully handled. However, all of these can be avoided if every individual would come up with  a will and last statement before the inevitable occurs.

What is a will and last statement?

A will and last statement is a legal document that states what should be done with the estate of a deceased individual. This document is prepared in advance. There are a number of reasons to always keep the will and the last statement updated, and this can be done with the help of legal practitioners.

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Asides the fact that it will keep your family legally safe when you’re no longer with them, it will also guide your legal team and families on how to go about handling your estate after your demise, as the will and last statement carries your direct instructions.

Every person has peculiar situations, however, these are some of the reasons it is important to prepare your last will and statement:

·        You decides who gets what

If you already have a will drawn it means that you have already decided who gets what you want them to get from your properties. As long as you have prepared your document in advance, your family members would be bound by law to ensure that every directive of yours is followed to the latter.

·        Financial security

Most men work really hard to ensure that their nuclear family is financially stable. Now, imagine working your ass off for your family and then in your absence, everything you have worked for gets taken away from them.  However, if you have a will prepared, your will ensures that even in your absence, your immediate family is financially secure.

·        Avoid family feud

No one has to worry about fighting for what they want. A will eliminates all of these. The deceased could rest in peace, knowing that their family members wouldn’t have to be at each other’s throat because of their properties.


Rest assured that making a will doesn’t mean that you are trying to die soon or signing your death sentence. Rather, it is a way to ensure that everyone stays fine when the inevitable happens.