Help, my lawn is falling apart!

You’re sitting at your dining table looking outside. A view of the garden. There is a drizzle and you think to yourself ‘perfect for my plants!’. A common misconception is that your plants and especially your lawn can grow on water alone. Water keeps the soil hydrated and yes, this is beneficial for your lawn but it needs more! This is where lawn fertilisers come in. Helping nurture the grass and optimize the growing conditions so your lawn will look fresh, healthy and grow strong. Something that is becoming a necessity now that our summers are getting hotter!

Why should you fertilize?

Fertilizing your lawn may sound like a big deal but it really isn’t. Moowy sells lawn feed with clear instructions on how to use and when to use. Your lawn needs hydration, oxygen and nutrients to grow. Not so different than us humans, right? Using a good lawn fertilizer takes care of the grass, helping it grow to its natural beauty and getting rid of weeds. After application you will notice your lawn spring back to life. Healthier, stronger and with greater resistance to diseases and fungi!
No need to worry about your children or pets roaming about your lawn because the lawn feeds are safe to use around them.

How do I know which lawn feed to use?

Know the right type of grass and soil? Then you’re good to go. Just check which lawn feed is suitable for your lawn and get going. The packets come with clear instructions and should help you determine the how’s and when’s. Did you know that it is recommended to fertilize your lawn three to four times a year? All seasons bring forth challenges for your lawn and this is why you fertilize to optimize the growing conditions all year round. During summer you need protection from drought and intensive use whereas at the end of winter your lawn needs a boost for the upcoming spring. The unpredictability of the seasons makes it so your lawn can benefit from continuous care. Beware to keep your final feed at the end of autumn. When temperatures drop below five degrees, all plants go into winter dormancy. You might not find yourself outside much in the colder seasons and the occasional showers may reassure you that your plants are getting everything they need to make it to summer but you can definitely help mother nature along. A win-win situation. Your lawn lives longer and you get to enjoy it more.