7 Must-Have Travel Essentials for Tourists

Preparing to visit a tourist attraction can be exciting. But the mental work of making sure you get all you’d ever need when you get there? Not so much. Even after you’ve taken your time to think deeply about them, you’re still very likely to forget something.

Almost everyone has had that oh-my-God, I-can’t-believe-I-forgot-my… moment. Interestingly though, it is preventable. With a must-have travel essential list prepared way ahead of your travel date, you are sure to leave nothing of importance out.

Below is a list of 7 must-have essentials you should consider before setting off. You can check online stores for the ones you don’t have. Websites like Reviewsbird.co.uk contain independent reviews and online stores experiences to help you choose the best store to buy from.

Let’s dive in!

Clothes and Underwear

It goes without saying that one of the most important things to pack for a journey is your clothes. And oh, you don’t want to forget your underwear. Depending on the types of activities you’d be carrying out at the attraction centre, your clothes should be entirely comfortable, fitting and nice.

Forgetting to pack your underwear can potentially ruin your experience. It can be uncomfortable to go for days without a change. Even more so is going on without wearing any underwear at all—not unless you plan on wearing a pair of jeans and shorts throughout your stay. But if your range of outfits includes a short gown, well, God help you if it gets windy.

A Photocopy of Your International Passport

Your passport is the most important item to carry along for an international trip. Without it, you can’t get out of your host country. But on the off-chance that it gets stolen or misplaced, a photocopy of the pages with your information would speed up the passport replacement process at the local embassy. It would also help to carry some passport photographs as well.


Having a pair of comfy shoes to slide on can be such bliss after a long walk or hiking. Slides can be quite useful during a long-haul flight and when you’re back at your hotel relaxing. Make sure to pack a pair.

Travel Pillow

Pillows are a must-have item for any trip. They can be used by both adults and children while on an airplane, bus, car, while sitting or walking. Smart travel pillows protect your neck and prevent your head from falling forwards or swinging backwards when you sleep. Some of them come with a vibrating element that massages your neck throughout your trip.


A backpack is an essential material for keeping your most important travel items. They can be used to pack hiking or riding gears as you head to a site. Some come with a USB port that allows you to charge your phone as you walk.

An Extension Cord

An extension cord allows you to plug multiple gadgets at once. This is especially important if you’re going to a remote place with many people. The more the company, the more resources will be competed for. An extension cord can afford you more spaces to charge your gadgets.


Cosy socks are good to have while travelling. You need a pair to keep your feet warm and comfy while flying or relaxing on your hotel bed.

Travel essentials make your journey more enjoyable. Endeavour to add the aforementioned to your list before setting off.